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Holiday Preparations and New Segments

It honestly boggles my mind that tomorrow is already the 26th of November, it seems like just days ago we were starting fall. Though we really have had the most incredible fall in Red Deer so I can't complain... too much (I am excited about the snow okay!?). We have already dusted off the Christmas trees, polished the ornaments, and prepared the holiday baking. No matter what you celebrate during the holiday season we can all bond over food, Black Friday sales, and supporting local.

With that, TOMORROW is already kick-off for our Black Friday sales and it's going to be amazing. If you have been hesitating on getting that new sweater, or humming and hawing over a candle, give us a call! We have so many holiday gifts (including in-house gift wrapping for my fellow hopeless wrappers) for you to treat your loved ones.

Not only do we have great deals this weekend, but we also have a couple of amazing draws for November and December.

Let's talk pre-booking, I promise it relates. Pre-booking allows you to have your appointments cemented into the schedule with the stylist you want, and to show you just how much we appreciate you booking ahead we want to provide the ultimate treat.

For every appointment that you pre-book you will be entered to win our For the Love of Coffee prize pack!

What's that? Oh let me show and tell!

Yes that IS a Nespresso Vertuo! Not only will you win the machine you get all the goodies (wrapped by the ever-talented Shannon) as well! An amazing gift for the caffeine lover in your life, even if that is you. Treat yourself, we don't judge.

This prize is valued at $400!

So don't hesitate, pre-book that appointment and stop hesitating on your chance to have your dream hair.

Our second draw will be for a $250 MHC GIFT CERTIFICATE! For every $50 spent on retail at the salon, you will gain one entry to this incredible prize. Imagine not having to pay for your next color!? This is truly the dream.

Okay, now for the segment I am most excited to introduce: MEET YOUR STYLIST!

I have been reading up on tons of salon-based blogs and many of them are the same, the stylists exist only in the shop and you don't get to see how interesting they are online. Who knows, you just might have something in common with them. I will be asking the stylists their favorite things, what interested them in their professions, and more.

I wanted to kick this series off with the previous author of this blog, Redken Educator, our one and only tattooed beauty Inez!

Q: What brought you into the industry?

A: "I have always been passionate about hair. I guess the biggest push for me to go back to school and pursue hair is that the relationship between a client and stylist is one that you can't replicate. Your clients become your family and are there for you for all the big things in life. In turn, we are there for all the big moments in their lives too. We do the big work and that's why I wanted to be in hair."

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A: "Inspiration for me comes a lot from music, fashion, and art. Fun fact about me I love museums, the Royal Ontario Museum being my absolute favorite. When I was there a few years ago there was a Dior exhibit that I spend hours wandering around in. So when I returned behind the chair my work really started to reflect what I saw. Soft colors, bold lines, depth, etc., with art I've really embraced the use of shadows and scaling to make hair into a masterpiece."

Q: What is the biggest mistake people make washing their hair?

A: "Only shampoo your roots, that is where it gets the dirtiest, and let the shampoo run down. By excessively shampooing the ends you are stripping out the oils that your hair needs to keep from drying out. On the flip side, don't condition your roots. That will lead to your hair becoming 'greasy' and prompting you to wash more."

Q: How can clients protect their hair this season?

A: "At home and in-salon treatments, especially the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate. It will keep your hair feeling and looking healthy by adding any missing protein and moisture back in the hair. Guts 10 is also a lifesaver! It's not only a mousse that will give you body, when dried into the hair it has an anti-static component huge for the toque months."

Q: What is your absolute favorite service to provide your clients?

A: "I like doing all types of hair but my favorite has to be Blonding. I've been Blonding my own hair for over 21 years now and I know how hard it is to get that just perfect shade. I like that no two heads are the same and with all the extra education I've taken it's become a comfortable service for me to provide."

Q: As a Redken Educator, what do you feel the most passionate about teaching to the next generation of stylists?

A: "I've always been a firm believer in education, the hair industry is an ever-changing and evolving industry. New techniques, technology, and products keep things exciting and I'm never bored.

Why I got into teaching was I wanted to elevate the new generation of stylists to learn through my mistakes behind the chair so they don't repeat them. As well as elevate this industry, there still is a stigma that we are "just hairstylist's " and there are still quite a few people out there who believe we can't make a living from doing what we do. We don't have to struggle financially in this career so teaching stylists to work smarter not harder and giving exceptional results to their clients without them having to be in the chair for 5 hours is my main goal."

Q: Any last words?

A: "If you haven't booked in for your holiday appointment do so now!!!"

When Inez isn't creating amazing looks that give the everyday person whiplash (making heads turn), she is spending time watching true crime dramas and cuddling her fur babies Loki, Audrey, Poop, Brooklyn, and Nora.

Thank you all, for reading my rambling and celebrating one of our stylists! I will chat with you in December~!


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