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Spooktober at MHC! Falling for these autumn essentials.

Can you believe that it is already October? Seems like it was just summer yesterday. But as we move into fall the leaves are changing into vivid warm colors, the temperature is (slowly) dropping, and the masses are flocking to stock up on pumpkins. There are so many color inspirations to be found all around us, which has our minds abuzz. So while the spooky season may be in full swing, that doesn’t mean your hair has to be a horror story.

There is so much happening around the salon! From spooky-themed treats to new fall clothing in the boutique a whole new product line and a brand new service, we have the details for you here.

Alright, let’s talk shacket.

What is it exactly?

Well, it's all the rage this fall, somewhere between a shirt and a jacket it is our GO-TO for 2021. October, in our opinion, is too soon for a winter coat and too late for just a t-shirt. Thanks to PRIV you can keep warm and stylish on those blustery fall days.

Long and short options to dress up or down! At this point, everyone here at MHC has one (or two) in their closet.

But don't take our word for it, come try one on for yourself!

With Halloween coming up, we have been decorating FULL force around the house. Whether it's watching Halloweentown or reading Stephen King, why not make a warm drink to go with? Bumbles Bake Shoppe is back with these spooky-ooky treats. If you haven't tried one of these hot chocolate bombs where have you been the last year!? During these cold months to come, we know that hot chocolate is part of the bloodstream.

Made with some serious TLC right in Lacombe! She's on Facebook too!

Sitting in our Priv loungewear sipping a cup of this is heaven on earth, so treat yourself to the softest sets we have ever felt.

Not sure about you, but we have no desire to wear tight clothes to Thanksgiving... loungewear is a must for that turkey belly.

Now we can't go on without mentioning Ampersand Avenue, and we are sure you've seen them all over social media. They have the most unique sweaters we have ever seen. Like the patterns are to die for, and there is something for everyone. At MHC we know that size inclusivity is so important so we strive to carry brands that feel the same!

Known for their DoubleHood they are trending for a very good reason!

They are made with fabric that isn't restrictive and flatters everyone! We can't even begin to say how many compliments we have received wearing our Ampersand Avenue hoodies!

Now that you're all up to date on our boutique, you're probably dying to hear what we have got to say about a new service...

Well, MHC is so excited to announce that we are offering BROW LAMINATION services. How many of you have had those pesky brow hairs that grow in every direction or even stick out from your face? We know that brows can be so temperamental. But they don't have to be, which is why some of our stylists took the plunge and got certified to offer it!

To keep it short and sweet, it's like a perm, a perm for your eyebrows! Which sounds so strange, we know. But by using the same technology that lash lifts use, we can soften or strengthen your brows to the shape you've always wanted! Take a look for yourself at Baillie's brand-new brows.

Q: How long do brow laminations last?

A: Anywhere from 3-8 weeks. It all depends on the growth cycle of your brows!

Q: What does this service include?

A: We are offering the brow lamination and a tint to the desired tone you want your brows to be. You wouldn't believe what a little color change in your brows will do!

If you have any questions or want to get this service done please don't hesitate to let us know!

For those of you who are new to MHC, we are sure you don't know about our dedication to knowledge, We strive to constantly take education and training to be able to accommodate guests of almost every hair type.

After the discontinuation of Redken's Curvaceous, we were left with a gaping hole in our chests. What about our curly people? So naturally, we did some major research, something that kept popping up was EVO hair. We reached out to local EVO educator Kat Nicolls, and oh boy did she give us the lowdown!

A family-run company, EVO has an unrivaled sense of humor and a passion for the planet. As we learned more it was apparent that we had to add this line into our product family! Gimmick and gluten-free this line is almost 100% vegan (the only exception being that some products contain beeswax)! You don't get to see that every day.

With both Redken and now EVO we have the best-blended family. There is something amazing for EVERYONE and we will happily tell you about all of our favorite combinations!

Now that we have talked your ear off about some of the exciting things we have going on at the salon, we want to hear from you! What kind of things would you like to read about here? We have a lot planned for this blog but it's always nice to hear what YOU, the reader, want to see!

We can't wait to see your faces at the salon and see what plans you've cooked up for October! Now if you will excuse us, we are going to indulge in a cup of cocoa and get lost in a book for this fall day.

Thank you for reading,


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